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December 20, 2007

Ahhh, it's been forever! I think the last time I updated was when I just started university, and now this update is when I just finished my first semester. Sorry for such a long wait. University is just so action-packed, well, at least, the first semester is... Well, because I had three days to chill between finishing my last exam and waiting to meet up with my parents, I did some massive changes to the site.

First, welcome to a new layout featuring the Lestrange couple. The artwork was not done by me. It was done by Makani. For some reason, Makani's artwork is really layout-friendly. All the current layouts used in Yule Ball besides the link directory uses Makani's artwork. O well, I'm not complaining. I am a big fan of her artwork anyways. By the way, for more information about the layout, please go to the layout archive. Thanks!

Second, I reorganized the site. The Image Galleries got their own section now. Fan art was added to Image Galleries. Best moments page was separated and added to the independent pages of the canon couple section....and I don't remember what else changed. Well, if you can't find what used to be here, email me and I can tell you.

Third, Image Galleries became a separated section and received its own layout. Again, the fan art used in that layout was drawn and illustrated by Makani. I'm telling you her artwork is amazing for layouts. Well, the fan art gallery and fan art manipulation gallery were added to that section. If you would like to send in your fan art, please read Submittion 411 or just email me it with your name and email, so I can give you credit. Well, that's it for the image galleries.

Well, I can't think of anymore to say about the changes done to Yule Ball. In the future, please look forward to new character information and couple information pages. I'm trying to finished everything before Harry Potter becomes boring for me and you. Hopefully that doesn't come anytime soon, huh? Well, please keep supporting Yule Ball! Thank you for coming btw!

by Jenna ||


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